Danny Troy De Freitas

Danny, located out of Coral Springs, built a passion for landscape design and maintenance when he purchased his first home in Boynton Beach in 2008. He ripped out all of the existing plants and grass (more like weeds) and came up with a vision completely unique to the neighborhood. Since it was his first home, he didn't realize he needed HOA approval to make exterior changes so needless to say, they were not happy with the new guy on the block. That all changed once his vision was transformed into reality. His brand new landscape included foxtail palms, crape myrtle, bougainvillea, confederate jasmine vines crawling up the home's exterior walls, red ti, bromeliads, crotons, fresh st. augustine grass and more. When completed, the HOA thanked him for the curb appeal his new home provided to the neighborhood's overall aesthetics. Later, Danny became Treasurer and then President of the HOA. He went on to design the landscape for the neighborhood entryway and realized he had a talent for designing both residential and commercial landscapes.

And so the saying goes..."Do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life." It was time to say goodbye to Corporate America and hello to ICON Landscape Solutions.